Documentation of Caitlin Shepherd’s project “Sanctuary”.

In a small cabin that is open to the sky on one side, the audience listens to a wireless intimate sound-scape. Part-social documentary, part-poetry, part-psychedelic musicscape, Sanctuary charts the stories of four people exploring their own relationships with the concept and experience of Sanctuary. The interactive, multi- sensory experience lasts for approximately 50 minutes, and is for four to six people at a time, echoing the intimacy of the project. Emotive, transporting and evocative, the experience blurs site-specific social documentary with contemporary sound

Caitlin’s website.

Project: March – September 2014.
My role: project documentation, crew, and many conversations.

Installed in five different locations during summer 2014:
June 21, 22nd, Tagore Festival, Dartington, Totnes
Aug 3, 4, National Quaker Gathering Bath
Aug 7 – 10, Wilderness Festival
Aug 14 – 17, Green Man Festival
Sept 5,6,7 September, Festival No 6