Finding Frank

FINDING FRANK is a piece of documentary theatre performed at THE YARD in May and November 2013. In a dusty room on a psychiatric ward in the summer of 2012, a small miracle happened. A music workshop leader got an anxious old man to pick up his guitar again and sing along to “Dream, dream, dream”. Now, the room is empty. Finding Frank is about songs, funding cuts and what happens when the rug is pulled out from underneath you. Where is Frank without the Everly Brothers? And where is Olivia without Frank? Acclaimed singer Olivia Preye performs in a solo documentary musical with live-drawn inks and shadow puppet animation. Woven into Frank and Olivia’s story, recorded voices tell a tale of music, madness and metamorphosis. Devised by Amy Rose and Olivia Preye, Finding Frank is supported by Arts Council England. Audience reactions: “Important subject matter, treated in an original and engaging way”, “why did I enjoy it? Because it was true and it made me cry”, “I loved the songs, the visuals, the theme… everything”, “like a sensory orgasm”.